Busan dizziness improvement? Why accurate diagnosis comes first?

Hello, I’m Jung Jin Woo, director of AK orthopedics.

Many people know the cause of Busan dizziness with their heads, just as the first thing they do when they feel dizzy is to raise their hands reflexively.It’s because the dizziness that narrows the field of vision by turning around in front of your eyes seems to directly affect your head.But, as many academics have reported, most causes of dizziness are not caused by the head, but by the ears.Perhaps you don’t understand why dizziness and ears, which are body organs that listen to sound, are related to each other. Busan dizziness. Is it because of your ears?

The ears not only listen to sounds, but also maintain a sense of balance throughout the body.Generally, the innermost inner ear of the ear has snail tubes that listen and recognize sound and vestibular organs that act as a sense of balance.These vestibular organs are distributed with semicircular tubes, which are responsible for rotational sensation, but are filled with lymph, which can detect various stimuli such as rotation and movement of the head and transmit them to the central nervous system.Therefore, if the vestibular organ itself is abnormal or has a functional disorder, the symptoms of sudden dizziness are inevitable.Busan Dizziness Disease is typical of otolithiasis and Meniere’s disease, but it can also be caused by various reasons such as cervical spine dizziness, stress, and senile. If you don’t doubt the problem with the pruning agency…

At first glance, the symptoms of dizziness tend to be similar, and many people think it is just a temporary symptom.When the following characteristics appear, be sure to be aware of any abnormalities in the vestibular organs related to the sense of equilibrium. – My vision narrows and I feel like I’m spinning around.- It’s okay to stay still, but when you walk or move, you experience sudden dizziness occurs.- The symptoms of nausea and vomiting can be seen along with the feeling of the head spinning.- Not only dizziness, but also hearing loss and tinnitus can be accompanied.- When moving the head in a particular direction, the symptoms are especially severe.

It cannot be improved unless an accurate diagnosis is made.

If you have been suffering from dizziness for a relatively long time, I think you are most concerned about whether you can completely improve your condition.To be sure, I would like to analyze the cause of the symptoms and tell you that only when accurate diagnosis is made accordingly can certain improvements be realized.Even though it was an ear problem, I took MRIs and CTs in the emergency room, but I thought there was no particular problem, or I thought it was a temporary symptom such as anemia, so I tried to improve it, but it didn’t work very well for this reason.If you have symptoms of dizziness in Busan before that, you should first suspect problems with the vestibular organs related to your ears and have a comprehensive checkup based on basic balance and movement tests, pupil reflexes, video eyeball tests, and otolith tests.

We help you improve your symptoms based on chiropractic neurology, which treats abnormal nervous system problems, and applied myo-neurology, which uses muscle reactions to treat the essential causes of the disease.Above all, to prioritize non-surgical treatment methods, we provide a total solution throughout the process through methods such as minimizing drug use and inducing natural healing by hand.Please refer to this point and let me know anytime if you need any help from our hospital.In line with the reputation of AK orthopedics, we will deliver satisfactory results.Thank you for reading this long sentence.

AK Orthopedic Clinic, 5th floor of Daeha Plaza, 98 Yangwoon-ro, Haeundae-gu, Busan

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